Trauma Surgery

What is a Trauma Surgery?

Trauma surgery is the branch of surgical medicine that deals with operative and non-operative management to treat traumatic injuries. This usually happens in an emergency room – an acute setting. It includes techniques from resuscitating and stabilizing the patient initially to diagnosing, and managing him at later stages. The trauma surgeon is responsible for initially resuscitating and stabilizing and later evaluating and managing the patient.

Why does a patient need Trauma Surgery?

Traumatic injuries are caused by accidents, stabbings, and gunshot wounds. Traumatic injuries can be caused to any organ of the human body. Patients suffering from this condition needs to undergo trauma surgery to correct the damages cause to the body by the injury.

What are the different types of Trauma Surgery?

Trauma surgeons work closely with cardiothoracic surgeons, plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, vascular surgeons, and interventional radiologists. Their responsibilities include designing a treatment plan, running diagnostic tests, and prirotizing the procedures.

The trauma care team is also involved in recovery, and rehabilitation of the patient.