One of the most common surgical conditions which effects the general population, predominantly males.


One of the most common surgical conditions which effects the general population, predominantly males

So what is Inguinal Hernia?

An inguinal hernia is a profusion of abdominal cavity contents through the inguinal canal which is located in the lower abdomen or the groin.

Both men and women have inguinal canals.

In men, the Testis usually descends into the scrotum just before birth. In women it harbors the round ligament of uterus.


  • Majority of inguinal hernia's are symptomless but noticeable by their appearance-bulges around the groin or pubic Area.
  • Some patients experience increase in size of swelling when exertion or standing
  • Pain in groin during Coughing/Exercising etc.
  • Dragging or Heavy sensation in the groin
  • Swelling/Pain/heaviness in the scrotum
  • Complications of Inguinal Hernia


    It means that the contents of hernial sac get stuck at the neck resulting in increase in the size of swelling, severe pain, discomfort


    • This is one step ahead of IRREDUCIBILITY
    • The stuck contents of the sac, can result in obstruction of the intestines or sometimes cut off the Blood supply to the intestines which are struck in the inguinal sac (Strangulation)
    • An Irreducible/Obstructed/Strangulated hernia is a SURGICAL EMERGENCY

      • Usually a good clinical examination is a good enough to diagnose Hernia
      • CT SCAN OF ABDOMEN in certain situations will help in further diagnosis.

        • We need to understand that treatment of the predisposing factors is as equally important as treating Hernia itself
        • Constipation should be treated correctly before planning Surgery. Treatment of constipation is long term and so it should be correctly monitored after surgery also
        • Factors which predispose to chronic cough (Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergic Cough, TB, etc.)Should be adequately controlled
        • Patients should be treated for Prostate problems, urinary structure etc.
        • A good counselling is needed for patient regarding the weight loss, regular diet and exercise and to give up smoking
        • Treatment of Inguinal Hernia is essentially surgical. No medical/Injections can cure Hernia
        • Principles of Surgery are

          • Push the contents inside the abdomen
          • Closure of the abdominal wall to close the defect
          • Use of a Mesh(Synthetic Material) to reinforce the repair
          • This can be done effectively through a conventional surgery or LAPROSCOPICALLY
          • The post operation course is usually uneventful
          • Patients are discharged within 24-48hrs after operation, in either form of surgeries. They are usually able to resume work in 3-4 days
          • Don't Neglect your health, don’t delay, Consult your Family doctor or nearest hospital or MANKINDD HOSPITAL


Literally burns your HEART!!

Some call it ACIDITY!

Some call it HYPERACIDITY!!

Some people call it RETRO STERNAL BURNING!

All these things translate into a problem which is experienced by lot of people.

More than15% people between age group of 35-40 years in INDIA face this problem-scientifically called as REFLUX DISEASE

Common causes are:-




Commonest and Simplest investigation is an UPPER GASTRO INTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY.

Please Avoid:-

-High Fat,Junk foods.

-Spicy foods.


-High Doses of Analgesics.

-Bad Food Timings.

-Avoid Stress.

-Eat on Time.

-Avoid Big Quantity Meals.

-Exercise Daily.

-Check for your BLOOD SUGARS.

-Don't lie down immediately after eating.

-Avoid Smoking & Alcohol.

Remember, We are One Phone call away to ease your HEART BURNS..

Gall Bladder Stones.

Gall bladder is a tiny bag attached to the lower surface of Liver which stores bile in it. The bile is released in the small intestine as and when required which helps in digestion of food.

The most commonly problem affecting the Gall bladder is what we call as Gall bladder stones /Calculi/Cholelithiasis.

Common symptoms associated with Gall bladder calculi are :-


.•Bloating & Belching

Severe pain in the right upper part of the abdomen with vomiting,nausea also called as Biliary Colic resulting in ACUTE CHOLECYSTITIS.

Dull,intermittent upper abdominal pain and discomfort.

Some common complications associated with gall bladder stones are :-

What are some common conditions treated by stomach doctors?

Jaundice -usually as one of the small calculus slips in the bile duct and gets stucks there.

Gall bladder Cancer is associated in patients when Gall bladder stones are left untreated for long duration

Best and simplest treatment for gall stones is a Surgery.

Cholecystectomy -removal of gall bladder. Only removal of stones is not advisable.

It can be done with a Laparoscopic approach --Lap. Cholecystectomy .

Sometimes a conventional/Open Cholecystectomy is done.

*Gall stones are unpredictable.

So don't ignore the symptoms of gall stones because Gall bladder stones complications are many and dangerous

*Treat Gall bladder stones and be happy..

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Gall Bladder Stones.
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